let's get to know each other

Bonjour, I'm Alex

I'm a wedding, elopement and portrait photographer from Paris living in between Perth & the rest of the world.
I am based in Perth shooting beautiful weddings between October to April and then i chase the sun in Europe during the Australian Winter.
I am lover of life, animals, architecture, design, fashion, sunshine, ocean, flowers, love, human connections, books, fine food & collecting memories wherever i go.

More About Me

Life is all about people, moments & emotions that we want to hold on to.

I wish we could hold on to all our memories, and remember them as clearly and vividly as if they happened yesterday. But time plays tricks and our memory gets blurry. That's why I got into photography. I needed a way to save all the beautiful days, trips and moments that I spend with the people I love.

I want to share this precious gift with you. Help you preserve your legacy. So you can share these beautiful memories and stories with your kids and grandkids. Tell them how it all started and what was life like 50 years ago. Trust me, these photos will be your most cherished and dear possessions. 


Kiralee + Mat

Alex, WOW! We absolutely adore these photos and you have captured our day perfectly - wind, emotional Mum and drunk friends haha and most importantly, Mat and I. We look so freaking happy and love that you have captured “us”.
You are so, so, so talented. We didn’t event realise you were there for some of these shots, but you managed to snap away and capture everything. You brought so many chill vibes to our day and I’m so glad we chose you.
Honestly can’t thank you enough. You were amazing.


My Travel Dates

If you're getting married outside of Australia or even interstate, and want me to photograph your beautiful wedding, please check my travel dates and get in touch.


BALI - April 23

Mallorca + Byron -MAY 23

France - JUNE 23

ITALY - July 23